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Friday, October 8, 2010

Update: What the Boys Are Wearing

We've teased you about the boys' ties and their socks. Now that all the boys have their shirts, ties, socks, and cufflinks in hand, we'll share what we picked.

For all of the attire we wanted to go with local or US-based firms. So for our boys' shirts we chose Proper Cloth to make their custom shirts. With the exception of the collar, the boys will match cubes.

In our quest for striped ties and socks we weren't so lucky. We weren't able to find socks in our color scheme or even coordinated mismatched vintage ties. So the socks are made in Italy and the ties in China.

To tie our playa wedding and our San Francisco wedding together, we chose cufflinks from London Particulars (Etsy) out of Seattle, WA. (In case you've forgotten London Particulars was where we found the playa wedding band for Eden. cubes' playa wedding band came from EDM Designs (Etsy) out of New York, NY.)

I personally can't wait to see all of our friends decked out in suits with stripy ties and stripy socks.

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