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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Planning a Mini-Moon: Vintage Luggage

As we're getting ready to head out for our mini-moon in a couple of weeks, I'm thinking luggage not purses on this Thursday. I mean seriously how cute would it be for me to arrive in my day dress, hat and gloves complete with vintage luggage?

Vintage Set of BLUE Luggage - COMPLETE 6 Piece Set
Set of 6 matching pieces, $200, from The Green Coyote

Vintage Samsonite Brown Leather Luggage set With Briefcase FREE SHIPPING
Set of 3 matching pieces by Samsonite, $145, from  HolliezHobbiez

Vintage luggage pieces can be a lot more reasonable in cost than new. And they look better than the freebie carry-on and duffel bag I'm currently using.

If you're considering vintage luggage, check out Go Nomad's advice on finding and refurbishing the cases and Mademan's advice on cleaning leather luggage. Brettuns Village Trunk Shop sells antique trunk and luggage hardware as well as offering refurbishing services.

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