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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Choosing: Impractical Bridal Shoes

I'm a klutz. Everyone knows I'm a klutz. We have 22 steps in our venue between where I get ready (also where we sign the ketubah) and where we get married. We also have steps between where we're sitting and where we'll be catching up with 30 of our guests at the reception.

Agree with me here. Cute stillettos or platforms are not practical. 

That said... I want cute shoes. Boots are more practical. Boots are more "me." Boots are totally consistent with the overall image/style. But I don't care. Adorable purple shoes are screaming to me. These have bows and that annoyingly bridal heart on their soles.
Luichiny Women's Gal Lop Shoe
Luichiny Gal Lop Sandal in Purple
$68.95 from Endless with Free Two-Day Shipping (not available in my size)
$89 from Shoes.com with Free Shipping (available in my size)

Fergie Missy in Violet
$89.95 from Zappos with Free Standard Shipping

Nine West Epitomise
$98.95 from Zappos with Free Standard Shipping

Ok they're cute but not in keeping with our vintage romance theme. But maybe with one of my outfits for the honeymoon (a fab grey dress)? Or with my outfit for the shower (again an amazing grey shift with ruffles).

So what would you do? Have you struggled with one of your bridal fashion decisions? Did you find yourself envious of your girls' shoes? (Trust me there will be a shoe shot of my Diva of Honor's shoes because they're just that hot. And while I *know* what they look like, I'm not going to ruin the surprise here.)

Back to me. These lovelies are in line with our style and could with slight alteration sport a purple bow.

Menbur Women's 040090R04 Closed-Toe Pump
Menbur Closed-Toe Pump in Ivory (to which I'd add a purple bow)
$156 from Endless with Free Two-Day Shipping

Shannon Britt Women's Victoria Pump in Cream - Victoria-Cream
Shannon Britt Victoria Pump in Ivory (to which I'd add a purple bow)
$295 from Endless with Free Overnight Shipping

OK I'm obviously stressed as when I'm stressed I go shopping. Vintage clothes shopping. Dress or cute socks shopping. Or shoe shopping. I'm going to step away from the iPhone and just stare out the train window. Here I go, stepping away... 


  1. Fluevogs fluevogs fluevogs!! I'm not normally a heels kind of gal, but I'll be wearing these on the big day. They're about as comfortable and easy to walk in as heels get. They also have numerous boot heel options, such as. Granted, I will probably still change into boots as the night goes on and my feet start to kill me, but I'll be wearing heels for the ceremony and first part of the reception.

  2. @Heather Those are great. Those in pink totally match our color scheme and I think would work with the dress.


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