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Thursday, August 12, 2010

From the Movies: Happily Ever After

Life doesn't neatly fit into a 2 hour window. Sometimes it's messy. Dreams don't always comes true.

Now I can't complain. I have a pretty great life - I mean come on Girl got Boy. But I don't get everything I dream of or want.

One such thing is having my sister at our wedding. She's a school teacher and doesn't get much vacation during the school year. Our wedding happens right after the High Holy Days - a natural school break for her as she teaches at an Orthodox school. So she's unable to take more time off immediately after returning to session.

The image that at some point I'd started seeing almost every time I dreamt of our wedding reception? The dream that will remain just a figment of my imagination? Halfway through the Father-Daughter dance bringing my sister on the dance floor to dance with dad.

I don't know why these two minutes that will never happen seems to be so emotionally charged. It's not life or death - it's just a dance that will never be. But while it's a silly thing to get emotional about that's what I'm doing - getting emotional.

So for anyone who needs some cheering up. Anyone who needs to believe in happily ever after and focus on what will be, not what won't be. Here are some of my favorite movie endings. And yep they're all endings where the Girl gets the Boy. Because at the end of the day, having the Boy to have and to hold is definitely more important than a dance.

What are your favorite movie endings?

Pretty Woman

Notting Hill

Runaway Bride

Four Weddings and a Funeral

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