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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Attended: Promises and Pearls

Last night we attended Promises and Pearls with Mooflyfoof. The event held at the Bently Reserve was hosted by MB Wedding Design and Events and Especially Yours Chair Covers. It was billed as an evening of decadence and it did not disappoint.

There was lots to see and do, so I'm going to split the recaps into multiple posts. Today I'll highlight the goodie bag and the food. Tomorrow I'll highlight the desserts so come on back!

Each couple received a goodie bag as they checked in (they ran out of bags so it was actually wise to grab the bag and carry it around). You could easily spot the grooms as they were typically standing off to the side sporting the bag hoisted over their shoulder. There were samples - cookies, chocolates, pastries; resources (Here Comes the Guide); and more (measuring tape with level, emery board).

The first room had a latin theme with Ceviche for sampling. There were three types. We weren't able to sample the ceviche until later in the evening as the ice bowls were almost always empty. Brides obviously like their ceviche!

ProTip 1: Arrive on time for events if you want to sample everything. Signature drinks and truffles (at The Beauty Bar) were gone by 7:00 pm and were not replenished.

In the middle of the main room there was a handroll station. On our first couple of passes we met with almost empty or empty platters.

Waiters frequently appeared with passed appetizers on granite slabs. They moved quickly through the throngs of people with food disappearing in a blink of an eye. Sorry for the blurred shots (they moved fast).

Brides appear to come ravenous to tastings. You've been warned.

ProTip 2: Stand by the door to the kitchen for the best selection of passed appetizers. Don't be bashful, grab the food as it goes by when you have the chance.

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