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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIY Project: Out-of-Town Bags

After traveling for work and heading out to Belden for Priceless, we're back! And we're thinking/planning our wedding once again.

Over the past month, 100 Layer Cake has featured a couple of Guest Totes. One for NYC, Brooklyn, and last week Palm Springs. These guest totes got me thinking about our OOT bags once again. (These are one DIY Project that has been added to and deleted from our To Do list many times so far.)

San Francisco is known for many things. So it stands to reason that putting a unique out-of-town bag (OOT bag) together is somewhat challenging.

Before renewing the search for San Francisco items, I took a step back and thought about what represented us. We love food. Cooking and our favorite restaurants are featured in our wedding. Idea! Our OOT bag should be about food!

The Goodies from San Francisco that We Love

  1. San Francisco Food Lover's Pocket Guide
  2. Anchor Steam Beer Maybe we should offer guests the option to go for a tour of the brewery the Friday before the wedding?
  3. Bi-Rite Creamery and Bakeshop Where we ventured for dessert on our third date. We first stuffed ourselves full of pizza at Delfina Pizzeria.
  4. Boudin Sourdough The oldest sourdough bakery in San Francisco. My favorite sourdough bakery was Parisian - the second oldest sourdough bakery - which is now unfortunately shuttered.
  5. Columbus A salame I grew up with. Once located in North Beach/San Francisco, they've now moved to Hayward.) Or Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salame an Italian Dry Salame that's still located in San Francisco - unfortunately one that I'm unable to eat as it's made with dairy. Or Boccalone with its retail location in the SF Ferry Building (production is across the bay in Oakland).
  6. Ritual Coffee Roasters They offer tea as well. In fact on one of our early dates, we stopped at Ritual on Valencia for a cup of tea. NOTE: We considered Blue Bottle - our favorite coffee - but it originated in Oakland, not San Francisco.
  7. Tcho Say chocolate and San Francisco and immediately everyone thinks Ghirardelli or See's (headquartered in South San Francisco near where I grew up). At Priceless this past weekend, I discovered Tcho - the only chocolate factory in San Francisco today.
What do you think of our OOT bag so far? Think it represents the San Francisco we know and love? What else would you add?


  1. This sounds great. I would add a bottle of water, a Muni/BART map/schedule, a travel packet or two of tylenol and tums, and a schedule for the weekend activities with maps and phone numbers for key wedding people.

  2. I like the Muni/BART map/schedule idea. I'm hesitant to include bottled water as it's not very green - maybe if I can find some re:newal spring water (http://www.renewal-water.com/).

  3. I would add Michael Recchiuti S'mores Bites and a Miette Macaron!

  4. OMG... I can't believe I'd never heard of Michael Recchiuti. Thank you Vera for the tip! Something from there should definitely go in the OOT bag. The macarons might be a little tricky as they say they're best eaten the same day. :(


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