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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update: Unexpected Treasure

If you live in the Bay Area and you're into costuming, you probably have heard of "The Opera Sale." If you haven't heard of this rare sale (happened so far only four times), it's when you can buy costumes such as these for $1 to $750.

San Francisco Opera/Costume Shop Sale

From what I've heard it's a madhouse. We missed it. So when we got news of another costume warehouse sale, we were on it. Especially when we read they had 1950s vintage clothing and accessories.

We got there relatively early (a little after doors opened). If this had been the opera sale, we would have arrived too late, but we were able to walk right in. Tables piled high with pants, shirts, and more greeted us. Racks of clothes.

Personal Photo

And boxes. Boxes stuffed with clothes on shelves, on the floor, everywhere. One had to have a mission and a plan. There was lots of trash you had to dig through to find the treasures. Many items were water stained or moth eaten. But if you were patient and lucky, you might find the Holy Grail.

Back from the dry cleaner, here are our treasures. The four aprons together were $5 and the strapless 1950s cocktail dress was $15.

Personal Photos

Have you found accessories or items for your wedding in unexpected places?


  1. I was there last fall too (I used to work for SF Opera)! It only happens every 4-5 years. Boo! It's great for Halloween costumes and photo booth props too.

  2. OMG! When was this? My daughter is getting married 10/30/10 in Belmont and is having a masquerage themed reception - these costumes would have been perfect!!

  3. @Liza the Stagecraft Studios sale happened this summer in stages from June through August. The opera sale happened last year - I missed it.


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