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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get to Know Us: The Reasons I'm Marrying Him

After our last meeting with our rabbi, we started thinking about vows (ok, I'd already been thinking about vows since cubes suggested we write our own).

I spend a lot of time on a train. When I'm on a train without a book, which happens more frequently than one would assume, I spend a lot of time thinking.

I spend a lot of time commuting. When I'm stuck in stopped traffic, which happens a lot, I think about what I'm thankful for. I'm very thankful that cubes is in my life. I spend a lot of time thinking about him.

So while we're keeping our vows secret from each other, I thought I'd share why I'm marrying him in less than three and a half months. I've been collecting these reasons via Twitter and LiveJournal since the Fall when our friend Ed started a twitter meme after he got engaged - #reasonswhyimmarryingher. Note that I modified it slightly for my use #reasonswhyimmarryinghim. (I initially mistyped the hashtag and created an inadvertently funny tag that J caught #reasonswhyimmarringhim.)
  1. I've never felt like he wanted me to be anyone other than me.
  2. With him, I can be "me."
  3. He didn't try to teach me how to play pool.
  4. He didn't mind that we never won when we played pool together as a team.
  5. He walked me to my car even though it was just across the street from the pool hall.
  6. He picks me up at BART and walks with me when I'm scared (and when I'm not).
  7. He's able to roll with it when plans change unexpectedly.
  8. Even when there's no harm in telling a white lie, he doesn't.
  9. He didn't try to take me back to his place after our first dinner date.
  10. He kissed me back.
  11. He knows how to give "long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days."
  12. He asked me to be his girlfriend.
  13. He doesn't mind that I'm broken.
  14. He reads to me.
  15. He thanks me for the little things.
  16. He checks to make sure food is dairy-free.
  17. He reminds me about dairy toppings if I forget when I order.
  18. He drove all over Sonoma County on our supposed-to-be-relaxing Holiday getaway to find me food.
  19. He bought me a replacement cat necklace when I misplaced the first.
  20. He's grateful I'm in his life.
  21. He really wanted me to take a photo of him putting the save the dates in the mailbox.
  22. He found the song for our first dance.
  23. He doesn't laugh at me when I tear up at proposals on TV or in the movies.
  24. Even though he's not a morning person, he goes with (and or drives) me to Palo Alto to get my hair done and never complains.
  25. Even though he's not a morning person, he makes me coffee and breakfast when I need it.
  26. He holds me tight to warm me up when I get cold.
  27. He can have a good time when I'm not around, but he has a better time when I am around.
  28. He watches "Drama Flakes" with me even though most of the shows have jumped the shark.
  29. Even though he's superexcited about Szyzygryd, he offered to camp elsewhere at Burning Man if I couldn't camp with them.
  30. He's never made me feel guilty for being selfish.
  31. He waves to me every morning when he gets to work.
  32. He waves to me and blows me a kiss every evening before he leaves work.
  33. He says goodnight each evening before we go to bed.
  34. When I get stressed, it stresses him, but he doesn't show it. He just hugs me until it's ok.
  35. He doesn't think the idea of $100+ underwear is silly.
  36. He takes care of me when I'm hungover (although he tells his mom about how hungover I was).

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