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Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Kiddie

Kitty that is. Sprite made her first appearance in this blog a couple of weeks ago (in the Hiding Wedding DIY in Plain Sight post). I brought Sprite - our intrepid Maine Coon originally known as Anita - home from the Nine Lives Foundation in August 2006.

The volunteers thought she was maybe a year or most two years old. It's more likely that she was three or four years old as most of the time you'll find her curled up, an adorable pile of soft fur. She hangs out on our bed, our couch, basically on anything that's soft.

When we're home she's never very far away. Her favorite spots are with her chin on the edge of the laptop, under the laptop tray, or curled up next to our legs.Two of her favorite hobbies are getting into tight spaces and capturing food - sweets like chocolate cupcakes or cheesecake, frito chips, bread, and more. Her latest prey is unattended coffee.While she won't be at the wedding in person, it's certain her fur will be. As she must supervise and approve of every detail.

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