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Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's DIY Timesaver Tip

Etiquette dictates that all addresses - including your return address - be handwritten or printed. Labels are absolutely taboo. Now I don't know about you but hand addressing our return address approximately 200 times - if I don't mess up - on our invitations and RSVP cards doesn't sound very exciting.

So I was excited to see Oh Lovely Day's blog post today, "A Lovely Must-Have: Calligraphy Stamps." Chandra included a link to Barbara Kua Calligraphy's custom rubber address stamp. Unfortunately my calligraphy style doesn't look like the styles available. With a little searching, I found a stamp from AddressStamp.com with a font similar to my calligraphy style that's made predominantly from recycled materials - at least 60% recycled plastic.

SCORE - green and convenient!

Did you do something unconventional to save time?

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