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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dressing the Bride: Today's the Day

My mom and I are driving up to Sacramento today to pick up my dress. I'm so excited. Last September, the dress was a Jackie O-styled gown that my mom wore when she married my dad and a couple of sketches on pieces of paper. My mom came with me for the design session with Miss Velvet Cream - I (and Scatha) wanted to make sure she was okay with the planned reconstruction. She was! In October, Miss Velvet Cream had transformed the gown and I had my first fitting (I was giddy).

I can't wait to see the final dress - it was all pinned magic in October. I also can't wait to see my mom's face. Scatha got this amazing photo from the design session of me in my mom's dress with my mom's reflection in the mirror. The smile on my mom's face was amazing.

P.S. After the wedding I'll post the photos of the design sketches and the first fitting. Although I'm horrible about keeping details of the dress secret from cubes, I don't want him to see the dress or me in it until October 10th and he regularly reads our blog.

Are you wearing your mom's dress? Did you have your dress custom made?

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