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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oops! DIY Fail: Save the Dates

One would think that being in Marketing and having designed direct mail pieces that I'd be a pro at Save the Dates. Nope.

What's the fail you ask? Well after so carefully hand addressing all of our Save the Dates,  we discovered the addresses are too big for us to add postage stamps.

I think when it comes to weddings, every bride is a rookie regardless of her professional expertise. When I ordered the stamps for our stationery it never entered my mind to doublecheck the size of the stamp. As I waited for the stamps to arrive, I merrily addressed Save the Dates, carefully avoiding the neatly marked square on the postcard.

ProTip: Before beginning to address Save the Dates, Invitations, Thank You Cards, etc. position the postage and verify the amount of space you have available. Hint. There's probably less room than you think.

And guess what discovered when I open the stamps? Yep... The stamps aren't the traditional postage size that's marked out on the postcard. Ooops...

Luckily I had printed extra Save the Dates (108). So with 8 addressing mistakes and 17 stamp mishaps, we only need to print an additional 5! And, we have plenty of paper and fresh ink. Whew... Potential emergency avoided.

Did you mis-size your postage? What did you do?

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