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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crazy for Stripes

Today's Tuesday Shoesday post isn't really about shoes. It's about what goes on your feet before they go in your shoes: socks. More specifically, striped socks.

I can never have enough striped socks in my dresser. Or socks that come just below my knee. Why? Boots. I love boots. I wear them almost 90% of the time. Ankle socks in boots don't ever seem to stay on my foot. As I walk the socks start inching their way past my heel and towards my toes. I don't know why. New socks, as well as old socks, do this. And it bugs me. I can't stop, sit down on the sidewalk, remove my boot, and adjust my sock every block or so. Well I could, but I'd get a lot of people looking at me oddly. On second thought, in San Francisco no one would probably even notice, but the prospect of touching my bare feet on well traveled sidewalks just turns my stomach.

Today as I got ready for work I noticed that I was a little short on warm socks. Socks that would fit in my dressy boots - those boots I wear to the office, on a date, or around town. (I have tons of warm socks for my wandering boots - those boots I wear when foraging for mushrooms, working in a warehouse on an art project, and hiking through forests.) So I started searching for new socks. Stripes were on the brain courtesy of Design*Sponge's Best of Stripes post.

As I was searching, guess what I found? Those elusive purple and black striped socks that I'd wanted our boys to wear for the wedding. Even more perfect about these socks? They're unisex. I could have worn them and the boys could have worn them. Can you imagine the shoe shot? Bride flanked by a pair of boys on each side.

If you're looking for striped socks, here are some options. I regularly shop at Sock Dreams and Multikulti for my socks. I just purchased some socks from Fugwee and we purchased the socks for our wedding party from The British Apparel Collection, Ltd.. None of these vendors have paid to be mentioned, I've just been incredibly happy with the socks we've gotten here and wanted to share with you.

The Finds (left to right): Unisex Cotton/Lycra Stripe Socks, $11 ea., Fugawee; Men's Cashmere Stripe Socks by Punto, $45The British Apparel Collection, Ltd; Men's Uma Regenerated Cotton/Polyester Stripe Crew Socks, $11Sock Dreams; Women's Ixchel Regenerated Cotton/Polyester Striped Over the Knee Socks, $15Sock Dreams.

Where do you shop for socks? Any tips for finding purple?


  1. I love Sock Dreams! I get stuff at Foottraffic.com sometimes too.

  2. Thank's for the tip! I hadn't heard of FootTraffic before.


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