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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Inspires Me: Vintage Stamps

As a child I collected cancelled stamps. My first were stamps from Italy that my great grandmother gave me.

Credits (from top left to bottom left clockwise): Sarah Rusin Design photographed by Amanda of Turtle Pond Photography via Inspirations & Creations; Designed by Sarah Parrot with Calligraphy by Grace Edmands, photographed by Fat Orange Cat Studio via The Sweetest OccasionMagnolia Rouge; Invitation designed by Nicole Tremblay and printed by Studio on Fire via Green Wedding Shoes.
For a wedding, this look can be more expensive than having stamps custom printed. If you're going for a vintage theme and want the details just right, you can go it alone (assembling collections via eBay or Etsy) or work with a stationer. I'd say no one notices the details, but I'd be lying. Our guests noticed our stamps.

Where to Get the Look (from top left to bottom left clockwise): Penny for Thoughts Stamps for 10 Letters from Verde Studio$10; Puppy Love Stamps for 10 letters from Treasure Fox$8.50; Rose Love Stamps for 10 letters from Treasure Fox$8.50; Heart-Shaped World Stamps for 5 letters from Verde Studio$6.25.
Check out Verde Studio on Etsy for curated collections as well as custom orders or The Paper Nickel Stamp Co (discovered on The Blah, Blah, Blahg via Snippet & Ink).

Do you have any tips for assembling a collection of unused vintage stamps?
Any vendors brides should know about?

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