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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pampering the Groom: A Custom Suit

It's not about you. It's about the two of you.

The majority of wedding blogs cater to women. With all the focus on the bride, it can be easy to forget that there's a groom too. No one ever exclaims "Say Yes to the Suit!" And a lot of men rent their wedding attire for the day. But it doesn't have to be that way. Grooms too can "Say Yes!"

In the first of this series, "Pampering the Groom," let's tackle the custom suit. Before we start, let's get the standard disclaimer out of the way: Neither cubes nor I have any affiliation with Proper Suit or Gilt SF. cubes needed a new suit so we took this opportunity to give grooms an idea of what you can expect when getting a custom suit. Prices start at $450.

After you've relaxed a little - gotten a bite to eat and a libation (wine or beer), it's time to make three decisions: 1. Fabric for your suit. 2. Fabric for your shirt (and/or vest). 3. Cufflinks.

The only trick with choosing a fabric for your shirt or vest is deciding whether you're complementing or matching the color palette for your wedding. Remember to bring swatches. If you're tackling this task together with your fiance, she'll probably have the swatches. It never hurts to ask for the swatches before you leave the house. If colors are one of her things, she'll be thrilled that you're thinking ahead.

Experts point out differences in materials and guide decisions such as two vents (Italian styling) or one vent (American styling) in your suit jacket. And to ensure your suit will fit perfectly, they take your measurements. Note it's not sufficient to just give them your suit size. Turns out that men's clothing is also subject to vanity sizing. (Who'd have thought?)

Typically your suit will arrive in two to three weeks. If you order a custom suit from Proper Suit around Chinese New Year, it will take a little longer - four to six weeks. The company Proper Suit works with shuts down for two weeks to celebrate the holiday.

Is your groom going the custom route?

Next up in the Pampering the Groom series, we'll talk about custom shirts.


  1. Cool- I'm curious- what do the prices start at?

  2. Suits from Proper Suit start at $450. They're about to start selling bespoke shirts from their site as well.


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