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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tips: Planning a Vintage Wedding

Thinking of having a vintage wedding? Here are some things to consider before you start planning.

Image Sources: Timeless Vintage Vixen $390; Vintage Starr Beads $225; Melrose Antiques $125; Very Tres Chic $500
  1. What's your definition of a vintage wedding? Love My Dress highlights what "vintage" means to them.
  2. Once you have your definition, are you drawn to one specific period? 1940s. 1950s. 1960s. Something else? Your dress establishes your theme. I wore my mother's wedding dress (vintage 1967) and had it reconstructed for more of an Edwardian feel. At the reception I changed into a 1950s cocktail dress.
    Image Sources: Top Row: Couture Allure $245; Vintageous $225; Posh Girl Vintage $559; Timeless Vintage Vixen $360.
    Bottom Row:  Posh Girl Vintage $569; Couture Allure $145; Posh Girl Vintage $589

  3. Next, select a location that's period specific or complementary to your vision. Barns or orchards are perfect for a mid-century theme in the Bay Area as a lot of the land was agricultural. 
  4. If you go with a complementary venue, your decor will help bring the period to life. Flickr has many vintage print advertisements and photos of interiors to help you get started. 
  5. Do you have period items you can use in your decor? If you want a retro, casual, down home environment and have Lincoln BeautyWare canisters (and the colors complement your palette), you can tuck a vase inside them and use them in your centerpieces. If you love travel and have train cases, you can use them to hold programs, favors, and more. If you love to cook, include cookbooks in your centerpieces. (If you don't like the look of the covers, wrap them with handcrafted paper that matches your palette.)
  6. Decide if you want guests to get into the swing of things. Let them know in advance so that they can find appropriate attire. The 1960s are pretty easy as Mad Men provides lots of inspiration.
Image Sources: Top Row: Vintageous $215; Couture Allure $275; Couture Allure $195; Couture Allure $175; Posh Girl Vintage $529.
Bottom Row: Vintageous $180; Timeless Vintage Vixen $375.
    Once you decide whether or not to have a vintage wedding, if you're having engagement photos taken, you'll need to determine if you want a vintage photo shoot.

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