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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etsy Tuesday: We're Going on Safari

When I first met Slim we were at the Alameda Point Antiques & Collectibles Faire. He'd just acquired a folding military field desk that he intended to take to Burning Man.

Images from Australia popped into my head. (Don't ask me why especially after he'd been talking about African Safaris - two different continents. Maybe it was just Hugh Jackman. But nonetheless, hot dry camping expeditions filled my imagination.)

So while we're away at Black Rock City, I thought I'd leave you with a camping inspired Etsy Tuesday.

Where I Found the Look
Binoculars 1941
Binoculars from 1941 $55
CalesVan (Etsy)

YSL Vintage 70s Men's Safari Trench Coat ML L Yves Saint Laurent
1970s Yves St Laurent Men's Safari Trench Coat $175

vintage 80's Diane Von Furstenberg Safari Button-up Shirt Dress
1980s Diane Von Furstenberg Safari Dress $28
Fashion Rerun (Etsy)

Safari Abstract Hand Painted Art Pendant
Safari Abstract Hand Painted Pendant $20.00

Cufflinks - SILVER Lion Heads - BIG and BOLD Victorian Regal Gothic Cuff Links
Silver Lion Head Cufflinks $45
Cosmic Firefly (Etsy)

Teal Blue Vintage Dietz Lantern
Dietz Lantern $19
Birdie1 (Etsy)

Vintage Traveling Bar
Traveling Bar $19
Monichelles (Etsy)

Military Folding Table
Military Folding Table $595
Topsy Design (Etsy)

Locarno Footstool/Camping Stool
Locarno Footstool/Camping Stool $85

JUNGLE BOOK genuine drilled beautiful detailed beach stones and fossils
19 rocks for $21
AllyBeans (Etsy)

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