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Monday, July 19, 2010

Choosing: Table Runners or Table Overlays

When we first started thinking about our wedding reception, we'd envisioned a U of rectangular tables surrounding the dance floor. I'd struggled over whether we should order floor length, lap length, or a combination of length tablecloths.

As you know we were told that wouldn't work with a buffet setup or the number of guests we have. Now I'm really glad all of our tablecloths are floor length. If we'd gone with a hybrid approach we would have had to purchase additional linen - something not built into our budget.

The change in table number, table shapes, and layout affects more than the length of tablecloths. It affects the plan for table runners and overlays. I purchased amazing fabric years ago to use as backdrops for portraits. Two of the fabrics - a dusty pink polyester Duponi and navy sheer with glitter and beads - matched our wedding colors (this was unintentional, just fortuitous). In the initial layout we only had rectangular tables and we had exactly enough material for all the table runners. Not so any more.

Of course we have a third fabric - a gorgeous black satin - we can use. But here's the dilemma. We chose black linen napkins to go with cream tablecloths assuming the only other color on the table would be the dusty pink or navy.

Option 2: 17" width with finished hem (1" inch seam allowance) in 6.5' or 7.5' (for 60" round tables) and 9' lengths (for 8' rectangular tables). We're two tables short. One 8' rectangular table and one 60" round table need to be covered with black satin runner.

Option 3: 12.5" width with finished hem (1" inch seam allowance) in 6.5' or 7.5' (for 60" round tables) and 9' lengths (for 8' rectangular tables). The runners are narrower, but all tables will have either a pink duponi or navy sheer with glitter runner. We'd also have 4 extra runners that could be used for the bar, guestbook area, etc.

What width should we chose? Wider - 17" to cover slightly more than a 1/3 of the table top. Or narrower, 12.5" which is approximately 1/3 of the table top.

How should we finish the ends? Square them off or bring to a point?
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Photography Credit: Table Runner with Squared End;
Wendy Helton Photography via Hive Member Kaybee of WeddingBee
L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding Reception
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Table Runner with Pointed End; TheKnot via Miss Socks of WeddingBee

Should tables regardless of shape all have table runners or should we mix it up? 60" rounds with overlays and 8' banquets with runners?
Photography Credit: Mix of table overlays with different drop lengths;
Dana Grant Photography via Celebrations at Home

Is there another option we should be considering? We have 380 inches of the pink duponi, 208 inches of the navy sheer with glitter, and 2 bolts each of 154 inches of the black satin. All blots of fabric are 58 inches wide.

Did you find yourself over-thinking table linens?

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