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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Etsy Tuesday: Travel Your Thing?

Like many brides, I discovered Etsy early on in the planning process. While on Etsy, I’ve stumbled across so many finds that if our theme was different, I’d acquire them in a heartbeat or be inspired by.

To save my pocketbook, I’ve decided instead to fantasize about what I’d do if our theme was different. Be honest; you've thought about what your wedding would look like if you had a different theme? I know some brides have even changed directions a couple of times. So what are you doing to channel your creative ideas?

To channel my creative ideas, semi-regularly, at least once a month, I’m going to feature a theme with goodies from Etsy. During planning I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandparents, so I’m going to start off with a theme snatched from their loves – travel!

The Theme As Seen on Around The Blogs
The Etsy Finds
Now if we too loved to travel, maybe we could have had a vintage-travel theme. Some of the ambiance you might have seen in signage, in the guest travelog, around the tables, etc.

To give guests a hint of what was to come, we could have used baggage tags (1) for RSVP cards. Once at the venue, guests might have picked up programs or menus that were inspired by Vintage Cruise Ship dinner menus (2). Perfect for the destination wedding. If we were feeling more ambitious, programs might have been modeled after guidebooks (3, 5) or we might have created our own guidebook for out-of-town guests. If we wanted a more budget friendly (as well as more paper friendly) option for our programs, we could have looked to old ferry schedules (4).

At the ceremony, kippahs or programs might be neatly stacked within vintage cases (8). Vintage globe buttons (12) could embellish the center of the guys' eco-friendly boutonnieres.

The travel theme would continue to the reception with globes (6, 11, 13) decorating the buffet or bar area. And confetti-shapes punched from atlases scattered across the centers of each tables (7).

Of course to complete the theme, the girls' Day of Survival packs would be vintage overnight cases (9) or travel sewing kits (10).

Check back next Thursday to see what the paper goods would look like.

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