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Friday, June 4, 2010

Choosing: Theme for Non-Numbered "Table Numbers"

Some couples put a lot of thought into their "table numbers." Rather than simple cardstock, numbers are applied to found objects. Rather than use generic numbers, they choose themes that mean something to them. Here are some examples:

Subway stops (or for us BART stops)
(Source: BritishBride on Chatty Brides)

Street names with Photographs of the Streetscape
(Source: Snippet & Ink)

Places the Couple Has Visited or Lived

(Source: Miss Pencils at WeddingBee)

(Source: Style Me Pretty)

Numbers with Pets (Strongly Leaning Towards this Option)

(Source: Polka Dot Bride)

Names of Favorite Songs
(Source: Paper Place via Style Me Pretty)

Numbers on Found or Vintage Objects
(Source: Kristy from Monumental Designs via Green Wedding Shoes)

What do you think we should do for our "table numbers"? Use restaurants (or our favorite dishes)? Use types of cuisines? Use streets in San Francisco? Or just keep it simple and use numbers?

What did you end up doing for your table numbers?


  1. I've loved it when the table "numbers" help me to learn something else about the couple. It adds another something to the conversation around the table. How about a paragraph about a night/event that the two of your shared? Along the lines of your twittered #reasonswhyImmarryinghim/her

  2. @verbivore great suggestion! We're going to feature time/event that we've shared at our favorite restaurants/bars. Because we've twittered/blogged so much of our relationship and dining out experiences we have stories that involve family and friends as well.


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