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Monday, May 31, 2010

Save the Date: Take 2

Every bride's worse nightmare has struck. What's this nightmare? The US Postal Service.
When you send your carefully designed and crafted message out into the world, you hope it arrives close to what it looked like when you dropped it in the mail box. We quickly heard from guests that some postcards had stickers added to the bottom. The stickers blocked the website information. This we were able to handle pretty easily as guests contacted us for more info. We'd naively thought that would be the only problem with the save the dates. We were wrong.

Once we started giving our out-of-town guests updates on hotel accommodations, we were met with some surprise. Not everyone had received a Save the Date postcard.

Yesterday we rectified this by creating an electronic Save the Date and sending that version to all of our guests.

Did all of your guests get their Save the Dates? Did you resend print invitations or did you send electronic Save the Dates the second time?


  1. Funny, this happened to us only in reverse. We cheaped out and didn't do physical save the dates. We did email only, but sent out a few physical ones to people we knew weren't email savvy (grandparents and such). Well, a bunch of folks we sent emails to didn't get them! I blame spam filters -- even though we specifically sent them in batches of 20 or less. Bah. We're not going to be sending physical save the dates to make up for it though. Our invitations will be going out soon enough that it's just not worth it.

  2. Well I hope so because we hand delivered many and everyone else seemed to have responded that they had. 1 came back since we weren't sure of the address and didn't want to ask because we had done so previously and lost it. So we checked out the person on Switchboard.com and it was wrong. The woman was really nice though, she sent it back with a note saying she didn't know anyone by our names and she wanted us to get it to the right person, which we did.


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