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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dressing the Bride

Today after work I'm going for my first corset fitting. It's a big deal because I'll also be trying on my dress (which I absolutely love) and getting to share this with another friend. cubes reads and contributes to our blog and as we both agreed to keep the dress a secret until The First Look I can't post sneak peeks as some other brides have.

And... seriously I've been DYING to show off the dress. By now everyone knows I can't keep secrets very well - as evidenced by sneak peeks of our Save the Dates and Invitations before they went in the mail. I also can't show pictures of other dresses I tried on, because I didn't try on any others. I always knew I wanted to wear my mother's dress. I always knew that I wanted Miss Velvet Cream to reconstruct the dress for my silhouette. Well I can show you what's inspiring my getaway look as well as our photo shoot for the cover of our wedding favors.

First let me tell you about (or remind you of) our wedding favors. We're creating a cookbook with our favorite recipes - recipes that we've made and shared with friends and family throughout our relationship. We'd initially thought we use "The Kiss" for the cover. That was quickly abandoned when we saw ourselves kissing on absolutely everybody's refrigerators. Next idea (courtesy of Iris) was a photo shoot of us cooking in the kitchen. We thought we'd ham it up with pots and colanders on our heads for hats and spaghetti boiling over on the stove. Then with all of us gathered in Andy and Mella's kitchen the idea morphed again as we admired their 1950s stove.

I grew up watching Father Knows Best, The Donna Reed Show, and Leave it to Beaver. I always remember the mom smiling and looking beautiful (as if she's ready to step out on the town) as she puts dinner on the table for the family.

In junior high and high school I wore 1950s inspired outfits - dresses with the wiggle skirt or a full circle skirt. As we were talking I saw cubes and I standing in front of Andy and Mella's stove pulling a roast or tray of baked cookies from the oven. I was dressed like Donna Reed and cubes was in a smoking jacket looking distinguished.

So here are peeks at the dresses (and aprons) I'm inspired by. I can't wait to begin working with Juicy to bring the look to life.
1950's Plum Taffeta Rhinestone Party Dress NWT
Black Taffeta Vintage 50's Beaded Full Skirt Party Dress with Bolero
Vintage 50's Lucy Flocked Polka Dot Full Skirt Party Dress

Are you doing a photo shoot before your wedding? Did you decide to style it in the theme of your wedding?

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