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Friday, April 23, 2010

From the Movies: It's not about the kiss

It's about the moment frozen in time. The emotion. The romance. It's about the timeless love affair.

I'm not talking about those famous kisses where two lovers part forever. Who could ever forget Bogart and Bergman in Casablanca? No I'm talking about the kisses where you know the lovers are at the beginning. Where you see and can imagine an amazing forever after. You know those moments where you want to be one of the lovers. You know, those moments that you wish were yours.

We have six frames in our apartment that are crying out to be filled with photos. One photo already chosen is a still-life of Spurious Causality - where cubes proposed - taken by Audrey. The second photo taken by Icka is of the two of us, specifically of me in cubes lap with his arms around me.

On the drive home the other night, OMD's If You Leave came on the radio. An image of cubes and I in place of Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling popped into my head.

I was in a ball gown. cubes was in a suit. We were sitting cross legged on top of a sofa table in front of one Brad's paintings. (If you were doing a dessert reception, wouldn't this be an adorable engagement session?)

Today I was listing to tunes from the 80s and I thought what it would be like for the two of us to recreate those moments - the one right before the kiss. Sixteen Candles is a must have (I always wanted to be the geeky girl who ended up with the guy). But what about Dirty Dancing as they begin to dance?

Or the poets in Possession?

Or Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney in The Wedding Date?
What movie moment do you see your FH and you in? What kisses would you recreate?

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