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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dress Hunting for the Bride's and Groom's Maids: Trip 1

Friday after work we started our retail excursion by sipping wine while looking out onto Union Square and plotting our plan of attack for the bridesmaid's dress search. We decided to start with Macy*s and then head out to Nordstrom's and Westfield Centre.
Macy*s yielded a couple of purple dresses (one of our primary wedding colors). They were also having a 60% clearance so we found one potential dress for under $75 (I was hoping we'd find dresses for less than $150 - score.) They had two sizes on the rack - luckily 2 of the 3 sizes we needed - so Ames and Moni headed off to the dressing room while Helen and I continued browsing.

We ended up putting the dresses on hold. They were the first option that might work and we didn't want them to fly out the door before we'd made a decision. Next stop Nordstrom and disappointment.

The dresses at Nordstrom seemed old (like the styles I saw last year's when we were shopping for a dress for me to wear to Matt and Lauren's August 2009 Wedding) and were well picked over and damaged (snags, pills, etc.). We left quickly. Our last stop, cache, yielded a familiar dress - a private label, iridescent blue version of the Xscape dress I wore as a bridesmaid in Ames' wedding. Unfortunately the largest size carried by the store was an 8 and I hadn't seen that color in my online searches.

Did you find the perfect dress at the first place you looked?

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