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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Does anyone really notice the details?

I sure hope so. Often times I'll think a particular DIY/DIT project is done. Then I'll write up a blog post and notice some little thing that isn't just right.

Miss Stripes at WeddingBee wrote The Details Do Matter earlier this month. I took a look at the footer of our invitation and the footer of our inserts and how if lined up side-by-side the height differed. (Probably no one - and I mean no one - is going to do this. We're going to bundle the inserts and RSVP card to the back of the invitation facing outward). I examined how the bundle of RSVP card and inserts left three lines of text stranded. I stared at my "final" mockup. And I stared. (You'll have to forgive me my obsession with design. I work in the online media all day every day and for me print is a luxury. A luxury that I want to grab people's attention, from the choice of the paper to the layout to the choice of words.) Then I realized we hadn't included our website or a contact phone number with any of the inserts. I stared some more.

And then, I decided to revise the footers so that the package would have clean lines and no orphaned text.

Once all the invitations and inserts have been printed and cut to size, the packet will be bound with a thin charcoal or navy ribbon.

Do you find yourself checking and doublechecking the details?

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