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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last night after our quarterly PR review meeting, we ate at one of my favorite restaurants - Mission Beach Cafe. As always we were a lively crowd - talking of food, wine, baseball, and other things. When we arrived, the table was set for six so cubes joined us and got to meet my work crewe. (He survived the vetting.)

So why am I posting about our meal on our wedding blog? Last night I realized once again that as long as you chose options that are true to who you are, the chances that a meal or a wedding will be "you" and not "cookie cutter" increase tenfold.

Here's why... the last restaurant I chose for our quarterly dinner, Limon, has become one of the crewe's favorites - he's been back there 4 times since we went in January. Earlier in the afternoon, he'd been asking me what I loved about the food - he hadn't heard of Mission Beach Cafe before. We'd had a discussion about beets and sure enough the flatbreads that I loved arrived with beets. He enjoyed the flatbreads (and the meal).

My nervousness about whether my work crewe would like my dinner choice reminded me of the various choices cubes and I are making for our wedding. As a couple, it's so easy to get caught up in the idea of being original, that is specifically wanting to do something you've never seen on a wedding blog and tossing out what you'd first dreamed of to find something "new." (We haven't done this - we're still having the cork escort card holders. We're still incorporating books in our table decor.)

Have you had an experience that made you feel good about the direction you're taking with your wedding?


  1. Hi Eden, Our wedding is completely flower less and I feel really great about this decision every time I come across non-flower centerpiece options.

    BTW I came across your blog and now i'm a follower. Please feel free to visit my blog and follow if you like.

  2. Hi Jem! Thank you for sharing and congratulations! I went to your blog and saw how you're planning on using parasols - very chic. I'm looking forward to reading more about your planning and day.


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