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Thursday, March 25, 2010

We chose astral colors

I love color and everything about it. I have tons of books about color in my Design - Color bin (versus the Photography - Color Correction bin) - Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color, Color - Messages and Meanings, A Pantone Color Resource, An Eye for Color,Interaction of Color by Josef Albers (one of the classic references on color - the other is by Itten), Designer's Color Manual: The Complete Guide to Color Theory and Application, Color Design Workbook: A Real World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design (of which I might actually have 2 copies). And I have even more books about color in photography and color correction, for example The Essential Color Manual for Photographers or Professional Photoshop: The Classic Guide to Color Correction. Those books are in a separate metal bin - the Color Correction bin. (As an aside, the color correction books and manuals for photographers assume you know something about color and don't really cover why or when you should use color.)

So today on one of the design blogs I follow I came across another "resource" from Pantone - Colorstrology. Being a Pantone junkie I just had to take a look. And well... immediately I was back thinking about our wedding. Bear with me and you'll see why.

From the start cubes and I both knew we wanted purple. When we told friends, Ames remarked that purple and blue (one of our secondary colors) were very "Us." (I'll have to post pics later but until then trust me that I've had apartments decorated in various shades of purple since 2004.) And, um... now according to Pantone - specifically Colorstrology by Michele Bernhardt - I *know* why.

The color for February 3 (the day I was born) is Persian Violet (or Pantone 17-3925). My color personality is: Poignant, Precise, and Talented. "[I] have a myriad of talents from which to choose. Artistic and technical, [I] can succeed in many areas. It is important for [me] to contribute something to society. It is [my] effect on the community and the world that will give [me] the most pleasure. [My] personal color helps [me] move through the different stages of life with ease. Wearing, meditating or surrounding [my]self with Persian Violet reminds [me] to keep [my] individuality without distancing [my]self from the people whom [I] love and that love [me]."

On to the color for October 17 (the day cubes was born). The color is Orchid Smoke (or Pantone 15-2210). His color personality is: Transforming, Powerful, and Seductive. "[His] ability to transform [himself] and others is extremely powerful. [He] like[s] to push past limits and go where no man or woman has gone before. There is a great deal of restlessness in [his] birth date. Try to incorporate ease into ... daily plans, as too much intensity can be hard on [the] body. [He] can use [his] curiosity to discover valuable information. Wearing, meditating or surrounding [him]self with Orchid Smoke allows him to explore profound experiences while sustaining a balanced and secure foundation."

If you take a look at the color for October, you'll see that it's in the blue family - one of the other colors in our color palette. Makes you want to go "hmmm."

What's your colorstrology? What did you think about when you chose your colors? Did you chose a date based on astrology?

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