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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update: My ring is here!

For a few months now we'd been looking at custom jewelers and thinking about what we wanted our rings to look like. We were leaning towards a more organic style similar to what SF designers were featuring. Many SF designers only work with diamonds if they're family heirlooms (i.e. you can't simply pick up a diamond ring at an estate sale or source a diamond yourself).

Last month cubes found an engagement ring and wedding band from Mansoor & Gore Jewelers in Palo Alto (just down the street from where I get my hair done). After my appointment he had me stop in with him and take a look at the design. I loved it! The rings are by Sholdt Wedding Rings (www.sholdtdesign.com) out of Seattle, WA.

On Saturday Feb 27, cubes surprised me with the ring while I was getting my hair done. He came up to where my stylist Louise and I were and stated matter-of-factly, "You're stuck with me now." I looked up and saw a white box in his outstretched hand. Somewhat emotional and rather at a loss for words, I think I stated the obvious - is that the engagement ring? cubes opened the box and put the ring on my hand.

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