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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Suit

I'm generally not a big fan of stuff. Give me a decent laptop and a soft place to lie my head, and I can be content. That said, there are a handful of things that are like kryptonite to my anti-stuff sentiments. These include PUMA sneakers, cookware, and high end suits. Consequently, I am very excited that I get to wear a one of a kind Miss Velvet Cream piece for my wedding.

As readers know, Miss Velvet Cream is reconstructing Eden's mother's wedding dress for the event. To parallel this we asked Miss Velvet Cream work her reconstruction magic on an existing suit. This necessitated a shopping trip with MVC to find the base suit she would start with, but before we went shopping Miss Velvet Cream took a spectacular number of my measurements.

We expected a full day of running around the city to check out some of MVC's favorite thrift and consignment shops, but, as it happens, we lucked out. The first store we hit was Sui Generis in the Castro, and, after trying on three suits, we nailed it with a fantastic designer suit at a very reasonable price. Even more exciting than the suit is what Miss Velvet Cream plans to do with it. She showed us some pictures of this amazing patchwork process she did for another client, and we've discussed some interesting possibilities for the cut of the jacket. Stay tuned!

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