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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome: We're Getting Married in 7 Months!

Hi! This is Eden. Lots of things are happening - but before I get to that, let me say:

As I write, we're getting ready to send out our Save the Date postcards (they should be finding their way across the U.S. in the next few days). That means no more procrastination - our website must go live now! So... we're busily putting it together so that everyone will know what's going on (or at least has a page to bookmark and come back to as things develop).

Staying Informed
Between now and October 10, if you want to keep up with everything that's going on, there's a few things you can do or places you can go.
  • For emergencies, call or email us.
  • For general wedding information, check out our website.
  • For in-depth behind the scenes information, this is the place. Subscribe to our feed and OD on wedding plans and details.
  • To share photos you have of us, please add them to cubes and Eden's Wedding 2010 Group on Flickr. To see photos that we've selected from friends' photo streams, visit Our Story Gallery on Flickr (you'll see photos of us along with projects we've worked on and places we've been).
  • For short (140 character) updates on what we're up to, follow us on Twitter. Note that we're cubesdenwedding - there's an E missing due to character limits on usernames.
Catching Up
If you want to see if there's anything you might have missed between phone calls and/or emails, there's a short FAQ (a little out-dated now). (We borrowed this idea from our friends Mooflyfoof and Ed.)
  1. Who was responsible for this match?
    I'm sure there will be debate about which of our friends is responsible for our match. I think we can agree that three of the most active matchmakers/orchestrators were: Ames, Steve, and Bri. Ames and Steve kept arranging various happy hours and gettogethers where cubes and I would play pool on the same team and where cubes would walk me to my car at the end of the evening. Steve had to explain this strategy to me one night after a happy hour at Broken Record where Cubes was not present.

    Some of the highlights of the matchmaking process:
    • Throughout all of April Ames would good naturedly laugh every time I said "I think we're just friends."
    • Bri decided to help things along one night after a fundraiser for Crash at ReTox by getting cubes inebriated. I neglected to take advantage of the situation, much to Bri's chagrin.
    • Liz asking cubes at Epic when he was going to ask me to marry him; we'd been going out less than a month.
  2. How long have you known each other and how did you meet? (aka Timeline of Important Dates)
    (Note: Some dates may be approximate as it appears we didn't Twitter about all of our dinner dates. My favorite tweet thread occurs between Bri and cubes about the identity of [Redacted].)

    • July 9, 2008: cubes and Eden met for the second time. Ames re-introduces them.
    • January 31, 2009: Eden discovered that cubes is single.
    • March 21: At Roland's Birthday BBQ, Eden asked cubes to be her date to Ames/Steve's and Helen/Bri's weddings. Eden drove cubes back to the Mission.
    • March 22: cubes followed Eden's twitter account.
    • March 22: Eden followed cubes on twitter.
    • March 25: cubes and Eden go out to Weird Fish on the first of what would become a standing Wednesday dinner date. cubes agreed to be Eden's date to Ames/Steve's and Helen/Bri's weddings.
    • May 6: cubes and Eden advanced from dating with a little "d" to Dating with a big "D."
    • May 8: After a long quest to find cake flour and multiple attempts at creating a suitable substitute, Eden secures cake flour and baked her dairy-free chocolate torte for cubes.
    • May 8: Starr took first photo of cubes and Eden at Shark Attack.
    • May 16: cubes briefly met Eden's parents. Shortly after brief meeting, Eden's mom invites cubes to join family for Father's Day.
    • May 24: cubes and Eden take first away trip together to Sunny Cove.
    • May 29: cubes met Eden's cousin Pat.
    • May 30: At Epic, cubes asked Eden to be his girlfriend and Eden accepted.
    • June 4: cubes added color back to his hair.
    • June 21: cubes spent more time with Eden's parents and met her Aunt and Uncle and maternal grandmother.
    • July 3: Priceless the Monkey joined the family.
    • July 18: Juicy, Karen, and Andy went dress shopping with Eden to find the perfect dress. After drinks at Cheesecake Factory, a gorgeous floor length green dress was found at Jessica McClintock.
    • July 18: While at Bourbon and Branch, cubes asked Eden to move in with him. Eden agreed. They decided to start looking after Burning Man.
    • July 20: Eden told Ames that cubes asked her to move in and to please keep it a secret. Ames never revealed the secret.
    • August 1: Eden met cubes' Nan (maternal grandmother), Dad, Paternal Grandmother, Aunts/Uncles, and cousins at cubes' cousin Matt's wedding.
    • August 8: Eden casually mentioned over breakfast at Nick's with her parents that she's moving in with cubes.
    • August 14: Eden met cubes' brother Todd and girlfriend Arrs.
    • August 15: Eden met cubes' sister Jamie and family friend Becky.
    • September 5: At the big party in the desert, cubes proposed to Eden three times and she accepted all three times.
    • September 11 - 13: cubes and Eden began the apartment hunt. cubes had hunch about an apartment - "The Moses Apartment." cubes and Eden scrambled to assemble paperwork for their rental application; many fingers and toes were crossed.
    • September 15: cubes and Eden found out they got "The Moses Apartment."
    • September 16: cubes and Eden received keys to "The Moses Apartment" and had celebratory sushi at Sushi Zone.
    • September 23: cubes and Eden spend first night in their apartment.
    • September 27: Sprite spent first night in "The Moses Apartment."
    • October 8: First friend - Skippy - visited "The Moses Apartment."
    • ...
    • February 27: cubes surprised Eden with her engagement ring while she was getting her done. cubes and Eden warmed their apartment with a Thai Dinner for over 15 people.

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