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Saturday, October 16, 2010

DIY: Our Ketubah

When it comes to the design of your ketubah, there's basically no limit to your options. If you're an Interfaith couple, you have some restrictions as to the language and whether or not witnesses are required to sign their Hebrew name(s).

We found a DIY Ketubah kit from Tsilli Press online. Tsilli provides two texts. We used the first line from her first text to preface the second text she provided. 

We chose one of the photos a friend took of us during our Burning Man ceremony for the design element.

As I cannot yet read Hebrew, we needed to keep the line breaks the same as provided by Tsilli. Complicating this was the fact I did not have Hebrew characters on my laptop. By taking a screen shot of the Hebrew and importing into Adobe Photoshop we were able to lay the text out around the photograph we chose for our background.

Credits: Text - Tsilli Pines Art and Design LLC's DIY Ketubah Kit; Design - Eden Hensley; Photography - Tom Cavnar via Flickr

So what do you think?

ProTip: Don't leave printing out your ketubah until the last minute. While we did get our ketubah printed in time (one hour processing at Wolf Camera and Video on Market Street) it took a couple of attempts. First the autoloader software couldn't read the files on our disc. Next armed with the Transformer Flash/USB Card the software still couldn't read the files. The third time however was the charm.

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